Tom Hanks on Peter Obi

News making the rounds on social media seem to indicate that Tom Hanks the A-List American celebrity actor made some interesting comments about Peter Obi the Nigerian Presidential aspirant whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds daily.

While this statement from Tom Hanks has not been verified by this medium, here is what he is purported to have said:

Tom Hanks On Peter Obi:

“If Peter Obi was an American or even African American, Americans would have given him a one-way presidential ticket without him contesting, America and the world at large have not gotten the chance Nigerians have right now to correct their mistakes.”


“Americans saw Peter’s speech on one of their local television programs, after his speech, there was a standing Ovation for him all over America.”

Attempts to contact Tom Hanks have not been successful at press time.


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