Buhari’s Plea for Forgiveness: Can Nigerians Afford to Forgive 8 Years of Reverse? By Ajiboye Amos Olakunle

Imagine an engineer you paid in full plus extra to renovate a house for you. After 8 years of him working on the house, you visited and saw that the whole house is shattered instead of being renovated. He knelt down and started crying for forgiveness. What would you do?
The above is the best explanation to the present political fallacy by Mr President.

We’ll quickly throwback to 2015 when Buhari got elected as the president. Every sane human being would attest to the certitude that the contemporary atmosphere is a misfortune that people would contest if at all was prophesied. Although, the situation then wasn’t much of a comfort but also not a grief.

We recalled how much petrol was sold, how much naira traded to dollar, how much it cost to board flights, how much peace and tranquility available. Well, presently it looks like we spent a whole mighty 8 years of our lives watching and seeing all these get worse. Well, it’s not a period to weep, it’s a moment to congratulate one another for surviving such a misery.

The election in 2015 was filled with the greatest of all promises in Africa, one would think Nigeria was a promise land. The only thing not promised was Mr president coming to make dinner in every Nigerian homes. Well, maybe the promise were so tempting that some Nigerians fell for the bait. As it is now, all promises made cancelled, forgotten and casted to the grave.

Sometimes, when people are garrulous, you should be suspicious of either deceit or theft. Buhari and his party in 2015 ceased every moment and opportunity to address situations and even some that naturally does not affect their campaign. It was more of a bittered stomach with a sugarcoated mouth.

In 2015, according to Bloomberg and some other international media, Nigeria economy was the 6th fastest growing economy in the world. As at this period, it wasn’t a bed of roses and as the same time, it wasn’t a pit of hell. A bag of rice was sold within 7,000 naira, 65 naira could buy a litre of petrol and 15,000 naira could fly one from Lagos to Abuja.

In terms of security, it is proper to say the kidnappers we have today were living fine as at 2015 and probably had no reason to trade with human lives. Plying Abuja to Lagos by road was not a misery except for the potholes. Safety was not total but above minimal.

In One of Buhari’s campaign, he told Nigerians to vote him out if he doesn’t perform to expectations in the first tenure as the president. It was another misery reinstating failure in 2019, now the failure is sorry and pleading forgiveness for an intentional atrocity.

Buhari made a promise to crush Boko Haram and other elements causing insecurity in the nation. Apart from the reversal Buhari did to our economy, he is also responsible for the loss of lives of hundreds and thousands of Nigerians ranging from Endsars, Insecurities, election saga and many more. This is so because he took the wheel promising the passengers of safety. Hence, he should responsible for any contrary recorded. If Buhari knew he can’t guarantee safety of lives as stated by the constitution, he shouldn’t have gone any near to the Villa.

There are few things to consider before pardoning an offender. The first thing is to check how grievous the sins committed are and how sincere the offender is. If Nigerians are sincere enough, we should know Buhari deserves no forgiveness but penitentiary.

Sent in By Ajiboye Amos Olakunle


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