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A Very Important Message for all OBIdient and YUSful Volunteers

Hello great OBIdients and YUSfuls.

The D-Day is fast approaching and the arena is getting heated up with just a little over a week left to go.

We have just received information that the other major parties are finalizing plans to seriously ramp up their machinery for a major onslaught online. There is about to be a serious battle for the eyeballs of Nigerians online and this is the purpose for which the OBIdient Online Volunteers were created.

So dear OBIdients and YUSfuls, the time has now come to rise up and act. We must push relentlessly until the entire online space and social networks and groups are filled with Peter Obi, Yusuf Datti and Labour Party content.

For starters, kindly go through the following list of possible things that you should be doing as part of your duties as an Online Volunteer. Try to start doing them today and everyday and please don’t stop until the day of the election.


As an Online Volunteer, Your Duties are to:

  • Share our website https://obedienttv.com and all our social media handles with your friends. Also share our social media posts massively to everywhere on social media and blogs, You can see our various social handles here => https://obedienttv.com/follow/
  • Bring in new volunteers to join the movement by getting them to do the three steps on the following page => https://obedienttv.com/join/ . This will help to grow the support base of Peter Obi and Datti, thereby increasing their chances of success
  • Visit https://obedienttv.com regularly to stay up to date with latest developments
  • Share any positive Peter Obi and Datti posts in Groups and everywhere you go online
  • Comment and post on social media in support of Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed
  • Counter any negative comments made about Peter Obi and Datti on social media and blogs
  • Share Peter Obi and Datti promotional images, videos and write-ups in groups and other places online. You can download some promotional images at => https://obedienttv.blogspot.com/
  • Content creators are to create content (videos, articles, images etc) in support of Peter Obi / Datti and share these with the larger Volunteer community for further sharing by other Volunteers. Such content can also be sent to us for further distribution.
  • Educate and sensitize people around you on the importance of getting their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) ready and on the need to Vote for Peter Obi / Datti /Labour Party
  • Talk to your family and friends offline and convince them to get their PVC and vote for Labour Party on that day.
  • Explain to people how to vote for Labour Party.
  • Be active and participate in the OBIdient group discussions on our social networks
  • Suggest more ways of promoting Peter Obi / Datti / Labour Party
  • Locate any other OBIdient groups around you and synergize with them
  • Consider donating to support our efforts. Now is the time we really need funds especially for online adverts. We sincerely appreciate everyone who has donated so far but unfortunately we are fast running out of cash so no donation is too small. See how to donate here => https://obedienttv.com/donate/
  • Thank you Great OBIdients and YUSful volunteers!!!
  • Together we can all make it happen!


How to Vote Properly:

Just to be sure that everybody knows, below is an image explaining how to vote for Peter Obi and Datti (Labour Party).

Best Regards,

OBIdient Online Volunteers Admins


How to Become an Online Volunteer for Peter Obi for President 2023:

Click Here to Register as a Volunteer



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